Goals Based Financial Plans

Goals Based Financial Plans

Why are We Offering This?

Not unlike a company like Apple or Coca-Cola, we are opening up a new product channel to attract new clients. Just like Apple offers iPhones, iTunes, iPads, and iPods, they do so in order to develop different revenue sources for their business. It is the same with Coca-Cola who offers Coke, Diet Coke, and Dasani bottled water. Apple, just like Coca-Cola is doing so in order to develop new revenue sources for their business. In this same vein, we are doing something similar with our Goals Based Financial Plan offer. We are still offering comprehensive financial planning and money management advice, but we are adding this new Goals Based Financial Planning service as a compliment to those services in order to attract new clients to our firm.

What is a Goals Based Financial Plan?

Most people do not realize the true value of having a financial plan that is based on your goals and not product sales. What we have done is take as much of the conflicts of interests out of the equation as possible. We offer Goals Based Financial Plans as a stand alone offering that includes year round on-call financial planning and retirement plan advice. This means that we can do a Goals Based Financial Plan for you without you having to worry about being sold something or having to transfer any accounts to our firm. As a Registered Investment Adviser and adviser to retirement plans, IRA's and Roth IRA's we are a fiduciary with the State of Florida and the Department of Labor and we accept these standards of care. In fact, we put it in writing for you.

Your Graphical Lifeline

The beautiful thing about our Goals Based Financial Plan is the graphical Lifeline that makes understanding how your goals are matched to your life. For example, let's face it. We all are living on a Lifeline. No matter what age you are, your life expectancy is your Lifeline. If you are 35, then your Lifeline might be 50 to 60 years long. If you are 70, then it might be 15 to 20 years or more.

On top of your Lifeline, we drag your goals and place them on each year that you want to achieve them. Underneath your Lifeline, we attach your existing accounts and match them to your goals. If you need to start a new account, or increase 401(k) contributions, then we would create an alternative scenario so you can see how these decisions will improve your chances at achieving your goals. If you are already retired, then we help you determine how long your money will last and optimal withdrawal strategies.

Figlo® and Narrator Clients

We use a financial planning program by Advicent Solutions called Figlo®. They just recently added more bells and whistles to Figlo® with Narrator Clients. Narrator Clients allows a coloborative approach between you and our firm. Imagine being able to log on and see how we have updated your Goals Based Financial Plan with accurate information that includes your complete financial picture. Narrator Clients will allow your account information from different sources to be easily aggregated in one place and tied into your Goals Based Financial Plan. The hard part of gathering all your different account information will now be so much easier with Narrator Clients. Once you see the beauty of Narrator Clients and how this integrates with your Goals Based Financial Plan, then you will easily understand it. You will know what you need to do to accomplish your goals, or make adjustments to the most important ones that you want to achieve. We are so excited about using Figlo® with Narrator Clients to give our Goals Based Financial Planning clients a incredibly easy to understand and visual experience.

The main pluses of Figlo® and Narrator Clients are:

  • 24/7 access to your Goals Based Financial Plan
  • Ability to track income and expenses, categorize transactions and set budgets
  • Financial Planner and Client collaboration
  • Account aggregation of all your authorized accounts
  • Document vault to share information and keep printouts of your plan
  • Data Security based on the internationally recognized standard of excellence - ISO 27001

The Cost

The price for this service is $1,200 per year. We give you the option to break down the annual fee into semi-annual, quarterly or even monthly payments. We even accept payments via Square®. This is an extraordinarily reasonable price for this type of Goals Based Financial Planning and having an on-call financial planner available to assist you year round. Give Rick Johnson a call today at (904) 460-2700 and let's get started.